Say bon voyage to high credit card fees

Combining the practical elements of transportation with the more emotional concepts of adventure, romance and glamour – travel has been a key participant in the growth of the card payment industry since its inception.  Despite this mutually beneficial relationship, travel related merchants are increasingly demanding lower card fees that take an increasing bite out of
their bottom line.

Paymentality helps travel related merchants,

save millions of dollars in card payment fees by taking a holistic, cross-enterprise approach to card payment relationships.  We are experts at negotiating travel related merchant acquiring contracts and developing key marketing, distribution, supplier and rewards partnerships with many of the card industry’s key players.

At Paymentality, we recognize the importance of cost efficient distribution, whether a customer is reserving services weeks in advance or showing up at the ticket window minutes before scheduled departure.  Travel merchants must have the ability to seamlessly weave real-time scheduling, booking and payment options into one, user-friendly experience that serves the demanding needs of corporate travelers and tourists alike.  Increasingly, these services must also be optimized for mobile payments and social media applications.

Paymentality has extraordinary depth and breadth of experience working with travel related merchants.  Let us be your guide to optimized card payment relationships and say bon voyage to high credit card fees.