A warm welcome to lower card fees

Lodging and restaurant merchants are the heart of the hospitality industry – striving to delight their customers with unique experiences, excellent service and a personal touch.  The welcome customers receive, however, would be even warmer if the cost of card acceptance was substantially lower. 

There is agreement across the industry that card fees are simply too high and take too big a bite out of lodging and restaurant merchants’ bottom-line.  Hospitality card payment transactions are disproportionately made on cards with the very highest merchant costs (e.g. American Express Cards, corporate cards and reward heavy consumer credit cards) – only exacerbating this problem.

Paymentality is an expert at negotiating merchant acquiring contracts with advantageous terms for hospitality merchants that lower card acceptance costs.  We also enable hospitality merchants to take full advantage of powerful marketing and customer loyalty programs offered by merchant acquirers, card issuers and the major payment networks.  These include:

Paymentality also helps merchants successfully manage other key issues related to card payments, including: 

We have extensive experience negotiating deals and developing partnerships with a wide range of hospitality merchants, including:

By optimizing hospitality merchants’ card payment relationships, Paymentality is able to deliver incremental room-nights and tables-turned, while giving a warm welcome to lower card fees.