We help profitability soar

When it comes to card payments, many segments of the airline industry including:

...have one thing in common – a very large proportion of sales are made on credit and charge cards. As a result, card payment fees take a large chunk out of an airline’s sales and distribution revenue. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that airline tickets are most often purchased with cards that have the highest merchant fees (e.g. AmEx consumer and corporate charge cards and rewards heavy V/MC credit cards).

Paymentality is uniquely positioned to help airlines lower their card fees. We are experts at negotiating airline merchant acquiring contracts and building multi-faceted partnerships that can be leveraged to secure lower card fees and expanded marketing opportunities.  Examples include:

We have a proven track record of structuring and negotiating customize partnerships that deliver unprecedented value to the world’s leading airlines. Incremental savings can be in the millions, tens of millions or even greater than $100 million. 

Paymentality invites airlines to take a critical next step toward sustainable, long-term profitability – significantly lowering card payment fees. After all, you’ll never know how high you can fly until you offload the excess baggage.