How It Works

At Paymentality, our philosophy is simple: Merchants Succeed First - Our Success Follows.

We deliver enormous, long-term value to merchants (millions, tens of millions of dollars) and thrive using a unique, pay-for-performance model with no risk, huge upside to merchants.

Merchant Pay-Valuation™

  • Free, no obligation analysis of merchant's specific card payment situation
  • Rigorous, confidential process determines potential value of opportunities
  • Meetings with key executives
  • Delivery of Merchant Pay-Valuation Report™

First Million Free™

  • Unique, pay-for-performance pricing offers select merchants the first $1.0 million of saving/value
  • Paymentality earns performance bonus on savings/value greater than $1.0 million
  • If savings/value delivered is less than $1.0 million, performance payment is $0
  • No risk, huge upside for merchants

Long-term, Recurring Value

  • Merchants achieve recurring value, not one-off, that continues long-term
  • Structural improvement in merchants' card payment cost to value ratio
  • Paymentality provides ongoing support throughout deal/partnership lifecycle