About Us

Paymentality optimizes global card payment relationships exclusively for merchants - delivering millions
in savings and growth.

Based in downtown Boston’s Prudential Center, Paymentality serves merchants in the U.S. and around the world.

Our Approach:  A Studio, Not a Factory

At Paymentality, we take a studio approach – deliberately choosing a limited number of engagements that require a deep understanding of the relevant issues and where our expertise can deliver transformative value to merchants.

We invest our own time and resources, free of any obligation, to fully understand the scope of opportunities available to a merchant.  Only when a clear set of opportunities has been identified, vetted and agreed upon, do we execute the customized solution. 

And finally, we keep it simple by representing merchants exclusively.  Unlike other card payment and general consultancies,
we do not represent other key players in the card industry that can lead to conflicts of interest.

Taken together, our approach provides the best possible path to maximizing merchant value.

The Paymentality Story

Paymentality is the brainchild of Roger Pelliciotti, its founder and president.  He developed his vision of a specialized card payments consultancy, focused exclusively on merchants, over the past decade.  It reflects his experience while managing and building high-impact partnerships with strategic merchants for American Express (AmEx), Visa and Barclaycard. 

A clear theme emerged – merchants were often treated as the weakest link in the card payments value chain.  They were systematically forced to pick up the ever-increasing tab for card payments while enormous financial benefits accrued to key players such merchant acquiring banks, card issuing banks and global card payment networks.

It also became clear that many merchants did not have the expertise, resources or time to take a holistic view of their myriad card payment relationships.  Merchants were often “divided and conquered” – missing out on the enormous value they could recapture to their bottom line if they took a more disciplined approach to optimizing their card payment relationships.  

Paymentality was established to turn-the-tables on this unfair dynamic, giving merchants the upper hand.  We transform the way merchants develop partnerships and extract value from card payments. 

The bottom line:  Paymentality saves merchants millions while leading them to preeminence in payments.

Executive Profile:  Roger Pelliciotti, President – Paymentality LLC

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As the founder and President of Paymentality, Mr. Pelliciotti has overall responsibility for the Firm and takes the lead in creating customized, high-value solutions for merchants.  Prior to founding Paymentality, Roger spent 2+ decades in B2B financial services at world leading card payment companies.

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At Barclaycard, Mr. Pelliciotti enabled the launch of Freedom, a merchant coalition based card loyalty/rewards program.  He negotiated the anchor partnership with Shell Oil, delivering $200 million annual card purchase volume (CPV) and 75% of Freedom’s transactions.

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As a consultant, Roger developed a new merchant partnership strategy that enabled Visa to build direct relationships with merchants across 27 international markets.

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Mr. Pelliciotti spent 15 years at AmEx where he held a number of senior roles.  As General Manager of Global Merchant Services’ Strategic Relationship Group, Roger expanded partnerships with major merchant clients across Europe, Middle East & Africa – representing over $55 billion annual card purchase volume (CPV) and $1.2 billion in discount rate revenue.  His team negotiated 200+ merchant acquiring contracts worth $35 billion CPV and built partnerships with major airline, hospitality, travel, entertainment, and retail clients.  Roger personally led cross-enterprise negotiations for AmEx’s most profitable merchant partnership, a multi-faceted deal with British Airways that secured $5.0 billion CPV and delivered +$500 million PTI.

As Vice President of Financial Institution Partnerships, Roger helped launch AmEx’s Global Network Services, a new payment network business to rival Visa/MasterCard (V/MC). He structured partnerships with major card issuing banks including MBNA and CIBC.  He was a member of AmEx’s U.S. Department of Justice Task Force that won an anti-trust case against V/MC – overturning anti-competitive rules in the U.S. and winning $3.0 billion in damages.  Roger began his AmEx career as Vice President and Assistant to the Chairman & CEO – directly supporting the CEO's dramatic turn-around of AmEx in the mid-1990s.

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Mr. Pelliciotti holds dual Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees from Columbia University
in New York.

He lives on Boston’s North Shore with his wife and three sons.  He is a competitive sculler having completed the Blackburn Challenge multiple times and Treasurer for the Marblehead Rowing Club.